Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our Mission at Defying Gravity Global is to help you transform your vision into your reality, and Defy Your Own Gravity in your personal and professional life!

We are committed to being your expert guide, professional resource, and creative powerhouse to get you stepping into Your Best Self and Life.

Break your own boundaries and Defy Gravity with us.

Meet and Train with Your Experts:

Dr. Marie Dezelic and Chady Elias bring over 45 years of combined experience in coaching, psychology, teaching, lecturing, interdisciplinary business practices, marketing, multi-media technology, artistic expression, creative design, book and blog writing, philosophy, spirituality, mindfulness meditation, music, philanthropy, and more.

They are passionate about bringing meaningful change and making a difference in the lives of others through a multi-dimensional, unique integrative approach.
They don’t hold anything back. When you get to work with them, they give you everything they know and do, and you don’t have to spend your valuable years and money getting trained across the globe to learn everything they know. You get all their specializations wrapped up in your personalized Life, Professional, and Creative Coaching packages.
Together with Dr. Marie and Chady, Defy Your Own Gravity!

Our Core Values

Our Defying Gravity Global Core Values align with the essence of our company and work ethic of what we promise to offer our clients in partnership with us. 
C- Commitment to a partnership with our clients’ values, goals, and desired results
O- Open, engaging, energetic, meaningful discussion for clients to turn their vision into their reality
R- Responsibility to keeping our clients on track with their personal mission, and life and professional goals
E- Encouragement, inspiration and motivation for clients to live, create, and work in their best life
We value your time and your desire to work with us; in turn, we take your commitment to living your best life seriously, and know what we can help get you there. Let’s Defy Gravity Together!